About us

The Company benefits from the financial backing and support of a group ultra high net worth investors who enjoys the various challenges of investing across several sectors. A team of experienced industry professionals and strategic partners surrounds him. Impera Group is able to offer a more personalized service where decisions can be made quickly due to the owners hands on approach.

We aim to create a world-class investment company providing opportunities for a wide variety of industries from start up companies to established hotels. Long-term investment forms the basis of generating growth by using our support network. We provide a commitment to the companies we invest in by building lasting and sustainable value with strong growth.

We have first-hand exposure to world-class ideas with an internal culture that promotes transparency and communication. The vast majority of our analysis is conducted in house, however, we recognize the importance in forming and utilizing knowledge from our partners. We value the strong relationships we have within our network, which allows us to provide a complete analysis of projects.


Values and vision

Personalized Service

We aim to provide a personalized service to each company we invest in.

Strong Support Network

We aim to provide a strong support network and be available when you need us.

Authority and Resources

We aim to provide the authority and resources required to achieve success.

Strong and Profitable Relationships

We value building strong and profitable relationships by working closely with the companies we invest in.


We value transparency and open communication.


We create an environment, which allows our employees to achieve their full potential by encouraging initiative.


We respect cultural and individual diversity.



Capital investment provides the basis for any startup to grow and develop their business. We are always looking for the next Facebook or Uber. We consider hundreds of applications for funding each year, affording each request the time, analysis and respect they deserve. With direct access to funds, a decision can be made quickly and a support network put in place.

We have a representative on numerous boards which allows us to play a direct role in the strategic management of the company, helping it to establish and grow.

Capital raises

While a company’s growth is positive, this generally comes with the requirement for increased capital. Generally multiple raises are required while a company establishes itself. We have participated in various rounds of financing as companies make requests for capital at different stages of their development. If you have a requirement for more capital, please reach out to us.


We have a strong track record of acquiring and renovating hotels. Purchasing a hotel is a big decision which requires an in depth study of the viability. We welcome the possibility to acquire hotels, ones that are ready for business and also those that require renovation.

Our most recent hotel project opened in December 2016.

Health and Fitness

We believe in promoting a healthy lifestyle and it was for this reason that we entered the health and fitness arena. Our primary focus is currently on developing a brand in Switzerland and opening state of the art facilities.


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